Diogo da Costa Ferreira

Diogo da Costa Ferreira was born in Lisbon. He began his musical studies at the D. Dinis Conservatory of Music, where he studied Trombone, Music Theory and Composition.

He was Soloist and Principal Trombone of the National Youth Symphony Orchestra (Orquestra Sinfónica Juvenil). He studied Orchestral Conducting with Roberto Pérez, Jean-Sébastien Béreau and Ernst Schelle. At the same time, he studied composition with Carlos Marecos. He also studied Composition at the Lisbon College of Music (Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa), under the guidance of João Madureira and Carlos Caires.

His portfolio as a composer includes orchestral, chamber and solo music, as well as music for theater. Recently, several pieces of his own were premiered at the Festival Música Viva 2015 (Miso Music Portugal, Lisbon), at São Luiz Theatre (Lisbon) and at Antena 2 Open Concerts (ISEG, Lisbon).

Additionally, he studied Philosophy at the Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon (Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa), and specialized in Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics. His research led to several essays on Philosophy of Art («Artist, society and viewer», «Art: the redemptive way», «Musical formalism», «The musical interpretation as an artefact», «Meta-art and hermeneutics: a conceptual heterodoxy as truth and salvation»), Political Philosophy («The construction of citizenship», «The ignorance of the state: from Plato to Rawls», «Utopia and Reality»), Philosophy of Existence («Existence: Sartre and Being», «Apology of death», «Love: catharsis») and Ethics («Value and Action», «Submission», «Belief: the law of conscience»).

Diogo da Costa Ferreira is also a writer. He published «Sem mundo», «Lisboa insurgente», «À procura da palavra – poema em três atos», «Excelso amor perpétuo» and «se fosse um pássaro» (this book was recently presented at the 85th Lisbon Book Fair).

He’s a Fellow of the Portuguese Society of Writers (Associação Portuguesa de Escritores).

Source: Centro de Investigação & Informação da Música Portuguesa

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Diogo da Costa Ferreira
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