Diogo Carriço debuts single ‘Sal de Lágrimas’

It is the first release by pianist and audiovisual artist Diogo Carriço in his own name.

Diogo Carriço premiered Sal de Lágrimas, “a track that looks at sadness in a warm way, and takes those who listen to it to float expectant”, reads in a statement. “Approaching the sound of artists such as Alessandro Cortini or Caterina Barbieri”, Diogo Carriço here composes “electronic sounds that tend to be minimalist”, marking them with a “gradual metamorphosis of simultaneous melodic patterns”.

Diogo explains that “I wanted to make a single that touched on the saltiness of sadness, on the tears that we know don’t take us anywhere, seeing the sea as a reliever that takes them with it”. “The sea has this power to destroy but also to take away”, adds the pianist and audiovisual artist who in 2017 moved to the Netherlands to study electronic music at the Amsterdam Conservatory.

Sal de Lágrimas also arrives with a video with images recorded in Praia Formosa, on the island of Madeira, in December 2019, when it performed at the MadeiraDig festival. Subsequently manipulated, “the landscapes dissolve into abstract watery paintings, providing an immersive audiovisual experience”.

With a background in classical music, Diogo Carriço is “fueled by the desire to create audiovisual shows that escape the noise of everyday life”. With a minimalist piano and electronic resources, the musician “creates an infusion of floating harmonies and undulating melodies with the most throbbing electronic experimentation”, he who has already been distinguished with the “Young Creators” award, by the National Culture Center, and with the opportunity to act as artist-in-residence at the University of the Arts in Amsterdam.

In addition to being available on platforms such as Bandcamp and Spotify, Sal de Lágrimas can be found on YouTube, where, by the way, the theme is accompanied by the aforementioned video produced by Diogo Carriço himself.

Fonte: A CABINE – Cultura Eletrónica Portuguesa | 06-11-2020
Photo: Teresa Costa

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