Book launch for ‘Florir ao Sol das Palavras’ by Alice Goretti de Pina

Guest speakers:
Delmar Maia Gonçalves (Writer)
Edite Espírito Santo (Teacher)
Mariana Costa (Illustrator)
Fernando Mão de Ferro (Editor)

Florir ao Sol das Palavras (Blooming in the Sun of Words) is a book that aims to spark an interest in poetry among children and teenagers, at the same time as conveying basic educational principles to foster empathy, respect, and environmental and civic awareness, in accessible language suited to the age group. The book also aims to stimulate imagination, affection and creativity in order to contribute to the development of children and teenagers, particularly in emotional aspects. 
– Alice Goretti de Pina 

Excerpts from the preface:
‘There are few poets and artists who approach, or return to, the pure mind of childhood, who internalise it and release it to nourish growing souls. Goretti de Pina has achieved this with great skill.’
‘The poet has unquestionably succeeded in linking poetry to the fine motor skills of emotion.’
– Delmar Maia Gonçalves [teacher, poet and president of the CEMD – Circle of Mozambican Writers in the Diaspora]

Alice Goretti de Pina won the ‘Criar Lusofonia’ competition promoted by the Centro Nacional de Cultura and the DGLAB (the General Directorate for Books, Archives and Libraries in Portugal) in 2010 and in 2014.

Session broadcast on TVS – São Tomé and Príncipe Television (Nós por Lá programme – a magazine show for São Tomeans in the diaspora) and on YouTube


The event was held in the context of the ‘Bolsa das Artes’ project with the support of the ‘Garantir Cultura’ programme.

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Alice Goretti de Pina
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