Lisbon, 1976. Has already set up a house in more than ten districts of Lisbon, on an Azorean island, in Paris, in Mindelo (Cape Verde), Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Luanda, Maputo, and many stays in Bissau and São Tomé. For a few years now she lives between Lisbon and Baixo Alentejo.

She is trained in Portuguese Studies, Comparative Literature and Text Editing at FCSH – UNL, where she is a PhD student in Art Studies. She created the publications V-ludo, Dá Fala and, since 2010, is the editor of the BUALA website.

As a cultural programmer, she organized, among others, “Roça Língua, a meeting of Lusophone writers” (São Tomé e Príncipe, 2011); the cycles “Paisagens Efémeras” (Lisbon, 2015) and Eu sou esparsa e a liquidez massiva – gestos de Liberdade (Lisbon, 2020). Coordinated the Lisbon part of the project “ReMapping Memories Lisbon-Hamburg, Places of (Post)colonial Memory”.

She has research and writing experience for film and theater. And translation of books into French. Wrote many articles in several Portuguese and Angolan publications. Won the young creators in the field of Literature in 2003. Published a children’s book “Infinitas-pessoas-mais-uma”, edited by Tigre de Papel, but she would realy like to write novels.

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Marta Lança
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