Widely recognized as one of the leading contemporary music artists of his generation, Nuno Aroso’s concerts activity has taken on a fundamental role in his artistic life. Particularly focused on the percussion repertoire from the 21st century Nuno Aroso actively collaborates with numerous composers and other artists from the most varied artistic fields. The result of this collaborations is translated in the growth of a personal and idiosyncratic repertoire that simultaneously contributes to the development of the percussion literature as it enhances Nuno’s way of seeing music as a mean of studding the human being and his role in the world of today. More then 120 world premieres were held by Nuno Aroso, who first recorded a great deal of this repertoire.

Nuno Aroso performs, teaches, and is jury member alongside many artists, conductors, and composers of our days, in reputed Contemporary Music festivals and venues around the globe: Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Brazil, China, Thailand, South Africa, Argentina, Canada, Sweden, Greece, England, Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Tunisia, South Korea, Chile, etc.

While soloist or artistic director, Nuno is strongly motivated to the enrichment and renewal of the concept of the concert as an whole experience. The commitment with chamber work, as director or as group musician leads Nuno Aroso to collaborate with many different ensembles, groups and artists. He is now part of Turbamulta, Ruído Vermelho, Oficina Musical, and collaborates with Remix Ensemble. He is co-diretor of the multidisciplinary artistic project Limina.

As part of this project, Nuno Aroso created Clamat – a project based in Portugal, that embraces a percussion collective – Clamat – colectivo variável, a Research Centre for Percussion and an high performance Percussion Academy.


Nuno Aroso studied in Espinho, Porto, Paris and Strasbourg. He is doctor in music after the thesis: The Gesture’s Narrative – contemporary music for percussion (Portuguese Catholic University, 2014).

Passionate by percussion education, Nuno Aroso carries out a solid teaching activity since 1999. He is at the present percussion teacher at Minho University, collaborates with Aveiro University, Portugal, and with Musikex, in Spain. Nuno Aroso extends his pedagogical activity ministering masterclasses and seminars in universities, conservatoires and percussion events in Europe, South America, North America, Asia. McGill University (Canadá), Universidade Federal de Belo Horizonte (Brasil), Conservatório Superior de Aragão (Espanha), Concorso Musical Paolo Serrao (Itália), Festival de Percussão de Uberlandia (Brasil), Days of Percussion – Athens (Grécia), World Percussion Movement – Bari (Itália), Universidade Federal da Bahia (Brasil), Oficinas da Música de Curitiba (Brasil), Connect Festival – Mälmo (Suécia), Konart Percussion Academy Barcelona (Espanha), Conservatório de Macau (China), Conservatório de Paris (França), Northwestern University (EUA), University North Texas (EUA), Festival de Percusion de Patagónia (Argentina), Valencia Percussion Academy, (Espanha), Manhattan School of Music (EUA), Universidad Alfonso X – UAX (Espanha), among others.


Nuno Aroso is researcher at INETmd – Aveiro University and focuses his research on the Percussive Gesture’s Narrative and Contemporary Music. He is developing his postdoctoral research entitled: Gesture as embodied meaning: the body on contemporary composition and performance for percussion. Nuno Aroso is regular presence in music conferences as speaker and as committee member.

source: www.limina.pt

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