Marta Wengorovius

From early on, Marta Wengorovius travelled around Europe and spent prolonged periods in countries like Italy, France and Germany, participating in activities that were to be her initiation into the art world.

She then began her studies in Portugal, painting at Escola de Belas Artes de Lisboa and drawing at AR.CO, where she also studied painting and photography. She also attended a course in scenography at the Conservatório Nacional.

After completing her course at Escola de Belas Artes de Lisboa, she went to live in Paris before returning to Portugal a few years later. She continued her travels, experiences and sojourns in the US (FLAD scholarship) and in 1993 was invited to be an Academic Observer by Goldsmiths College (London) and it was there that she created the Academia de Verão (Summer Academy) project that would be part of the 1994 Arrábida Convent programme.

In the same year she received the Latin Union prize.

Later, she spent time in Macau, China and Vietnam as a Fundação Oriente Scholar.

She completed her Master’s in Visual and Intermedia Arts at the Évora University in 2007 with her dissertation The Event as Painting: Using one’s eyes.

Alongside her artistic activity, she teaches Art, Design and Art Technology Theory and Studies at the Lusófona University/Design Department. Between 1991 and 2003 she taught Painting and Drawing at AR.CO.

She has had individual exhibitions since 1989 (Galeria Módulo, Lisbon). Other individual titles include Trompe l’oei (Galeria Valentim de Carvalho), Sur ciel sûr (Culturgest), A sample of my mind (Macau, 1997), Words from the breathing brain (Galeria Pedro Cera, 1998), Lundi je suis rose mardi bleu mecredi orange jeudi vert vendredi rouge samedi violet et dimanche dorée (2002), Showroom #1 (Sala do Veado, Lisbon Science Faculty, 2002), Showroom – atelier: Paris (2003), Objectos de errância: Uso do Olho #1 (2005), Uso do Olho#2 (arco-íris) (2005) and Superfície – A pele perfomática (2005-2008), Evento #1, 2 and 3 (2005), and events Mise à nu par le soleil and Mise à nu par la lune (2006-2008), which, in themselves, make up a universe of artistic and personal research that has also been nourished by involvement in dance projects (with João Fiadeiro, Franz Polestra, Howard Sonenklar, Skit – international choreography project -, among others), film (Michael Shamberg, Jim Herbert, Chris Marker) and architecture (with the Baixa architect’s studio – the Future Pavilion, Expo-Switzerland, among others), and landscape architecture (with Global).

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Marta Wengorovius
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