Joana von Mayer Trindade

Choreographer, Performer and Teacher. Founder with Hugo Calhim Cristovão of NuIsIs ZoBoP. BA in Psychology University of Porto. Master Soda (Solo/Dance/ Authorship) University for the Arts Berlin UDK/HZT. Course of Contemporary Dance Performers, Forum Dança. Course Essais” CNDC d’ Angers/Emmanuelle Huynh.
She was a scholarship holder at the National Culture Centre in Japan (2002), where she researched and practiced Butoh with Min Tanaka at the Body Weather Farm, and Soto Zen Buddhism at the Zazen Dojo Antai-Ji.

Her last creations “Zos (She Will Not Live)” and “Veleda”,“Heaven is Just a Blue Disguise of Hell”, “M E N I N A S”, “NAMELESS NATURES”, “Insatiability in the case or at the same time a miracle”, “Suicided – The Vice of Humiliating Immortality” and “Impregnation and Solace over this Irreductible Soil Where with Fruition I Insurrect Myself”, created together with Hugo Calhim Cristovão were presented in several festivals and cultural centers in Portugal such as Serralves Museum, Festival Materiais Diversos, PT13, Festival Circular, F.Cumplicidades, F.DDD, CCB and Uferstudios Berlin.

As a performer she worked in collaboration with artists such as: Min Tanaka, Antonio Carallo, Wil Swanson, Paulo Henrique, Olga Roriz, Filipe Viegas, Sónia Baptista, Deborah Hay, Ana Guerra Marques, Emmanuelle Huynh, Eric Didry, Danya Hammoud, Colectivo LIGNA and Isabelle Schad.
Publishes the article”Point and Chaos”, in the book “Harvest to Sow”, authorship of Cláudia Galhós, published by GDA Foundation, 2021.

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Joana von Mayer Trindade
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