Isadora Alves

Isadora Alves. 1996, Lisbon.

Graduated in theater at ESTC, she has also studied dance at Forum Dança and sculpture at the University of São Paulo. Alves works regularly as a performer, having been part of works by Maria Duarte, Bruno Humberto and Rui Paiva, Joana Braga, Miguel Bonneville, Diogo Baldaia, Jan Brokof, Elmano Sancho, António Pires, Colectivo ADR, Niño Proletário, among others.

Isadora has created the pieces ‘-V- Primeiro Gesto’ (2019) and ‘Mas Onde Está a Espada?’ (2020/21).

Her first creations are site-specific compositions, where light has been the privileged material of study in permanent dialogue with time.

Isadora Alves and Bruno Humberto have been building a collaboration on several projects, where they assemble knowledge on performance, writing and music.

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Isadora Alves
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