Isabela Berto Tescarollo

Isabela Berto Tescarollo (25) is an Italian-Brazilian artist currently based in Porto, Portugal.
She has a degree in Dance from the University of Campinas (UNICAMP, Brazil – 2020) and works as an independent artist and researcher in performing arts. Interested in the field of dramaturgy in contemporary dance, she developed research in this area from which she created the solo “uma cena só” (2020).
In 2022, she took the Advanced Training in Interpretation and Choreographic Creation (Instável Centro Coreográfico, Porto) and she is currently developing the contemporary dance show “Desencontro”, in partnership with Uatumã Fattori, awarded by the Young Creators Scholarship 2022 of the Centro Nacional de Cultura and the Instituto Português de Desporto e da Juventude (Portugal).
She also investigates the intersections between dance and cinema, producing audiovisual works.

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Isabela Berto Tescarollo
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