Born in Funchal – Madeira Island, in 1975. He there concluded, in 1992 the 8th Drama Course by Funchal’s Experimental Theatre.

Frequency of the 1st Seminary of Theatre by Lisbon’s School of Theatre and Cinema (E.S.T.C.L.) in Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias – Funchal.

From 1992 to 1994 took the 1st, 2nd and the 3rd Drama Courses for Actors and Stage Directors by INATEL’s Theatre Department, directed by Fernando Augusto, performing in: “António Marinheiro” by Bernardo Santareno, “Yerma” by Federico Garcia Lorca, “Prometeu Agrilhoado” by Ésquilo, all directed by Mário Feliciano.

In 1997 and in Lisbon, concluded his Actor Bachelor Degree in E.S.T.C.L..
Since 1988 he participated in more than 70 performances working with more than fifteen different directors, Eduardo Luíz, Mário Feliciano, Fernando Augusto, Bruno Bravo, Carlos Avilez, João Perry, João Mota, Artur Ramos, São José Lapa, Alberto Lopes, Richard Cotrell, Jorge Silva Melo, Fraga, Fernando Heitor Luís Assis, among others.

In 1998 worked as trainee actor in Lisbon’s National Theatre. In 2000 concluded his Actors / Stage Director’s Graduate Degree in E.S.T.C.L.. In Maria Matos – Lisbon Municipal Theatre, he directed “Audição” by Armando Nascimento Rosa. For his work he has been awarded grants from National Centre of Culture, Portuguese Ministry of Culture, Luso-American Foundation for the Development and Goldfarb Foundation and Participated in the USSSPT (U.S. Special Program for Theatre) in 2000. He was Drama Teacher in Professional Arts School of Madeira. In 2002 and 2003 he has been 1st Triennial Assistant Drama Teacher in Lisbon’s School of Theatre and Cinema. In 2013 he founded with Paula Erra the Company Teatro Feiticeiro do Norte where is been working since then.

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Élvio Camacho
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