Sofia Freitas Abreu

Sofia Freitas Abreu was born in Funchal (Portugal) in 1988. Graduated in Artistic Studies – Performing Arts in Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa and in Acting for theatre in Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema. Made movement workshops with Vânia Rovisco, Tamara Cubas, Peter Michael Dietz, Vera Mantero, Makiko Tominaga, Susan Klein, Carla Fonseca & Horacio López, Sofia Dias & Vitor Roriz and Michelle Moura & Sara Anjo.

Worked in Universitary Theatre with Tiago Vieira and John Romão professionaly with Medalha D’ouro, Cuqui Jerez, Luis Moreno Zamorano, Sayaka Akitsu, Cão Solteiro and Um Coletivo.

Although graduated in theatre with thw influence of dance and universitary theatre i became more interested in performance and the multi-disciplinary possibilities. I like to think about movement, not necessarily dance, but the movement of things in general: the movement of the masses, the movement of politics, and those movements that they cause, the movement of thought, the movement of history, of memory, of transformation, breath, space, decisions, etc… I inspire myself in things, sensations and happenings that i’d like to see as a spectator. Also because of that i try to show the work in a way that the spectator may drift in it’s peculiarities in any way that will make more sense to him or her.

At the moment i concern about relating living or uniliving materia moving in relation with architecture and generate contemplative and introspective circumstances where the movement caused is suble.

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Sofia Freitas Abreu
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