‘Recovering the Body’ – Conversation with artists and publication launch

As well as presenting shows at the São Luiz Municipal Theatre, ‘Recuperar o Corpo’ (Recovering the Body) also included a public conversation with all the artists and a publication, with a view to refocusing on works and artists from different generations and, above all, creating an object that can remain as a record, an archive, not just of these lands, but also of the working methods and artistic thinking of each participant.

This publication does not just offer a tribute to various Portuguese contemporary artists, but also helps inscribe on our map the history of contemporary art in Portugal – particularly in relation to the performing arts, which are by nature ephemeral.

The session took place in the Fernando Pessoa Gallery at the Centro Nacional de Cultura, on 14 November 2021, and was attended by Miguel Bonneville, Carlota Lagido, Maria Duarte, João Rodrigues, Odete, Rita Só, Mónica Calle, Sónia Baptista, Tiago Barbosa and Tiago Vieira.

Miguel Bonneville received a grant from the ‘Jovens Criadores’ (Young Creators) programme in 2010.
Sónia Baptista received a grant from the ‘Jovens Criadores’ (Young Creators) programme in 2001/2002.

This event was part of the ‘Bolsa das Artes’ project, with the support of the ‘Garantir Cultura’ programme.


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Miguel Bonneville
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