Born in Guinea-Bissau in 1971, Waldir Araújo was awarded a scholarship to Portugal after winning a literary competition organised by the Portuguese Cultural Centre in Bissau City. He was 14. Following his success, he completed his secondary and university studies in Lisbon.

In 1996 he became a journalist, then a member of the editorial staff of the cultural magazine Valor. In 2001, he joined the staff of RTP África (Portuguese Radio and Television Service). Three years later, he was awarded a Literary Creation Scholarship by the Portuguese Centro Nacional de Cultura, enabling him to study the Rabelados community on Santiago Island, Cape Verde. In addition to many recognitions and publications that followed suit, his most recent work, published in collaboration with the Mozambican poet Mia Couto, the Angolan writer “Ondjaki”, Ndalu de Almeida, and the Brazilian poet Paula Maia, was recently published in Portugal.


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Waldir Araújo
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