Hugo Miguel Coelho

Hugo Miguel Coelho directs the artistic projects coisasdocorpo and máquinadodesejo, and is a producer at ExQuorum. He has a master in Directing and Dramaturgy in Theatre, from the University of Évora, where he completed a degree in Theatre Studies and a postgraduate degree in Contemporary Literary Creations. Has been associated with the Center for Studies in Letters. He studied (in the areas of staging and production) at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona. He interned with Artistas Unidos, where he was also editor of his magazine.

He has collaborated, as an animator / trainer / facilitator, with several cultural and social entities (Portuguese Red Cross, APPACDM, Cáritas, Eugénio de Almeida Foundation, City Councils, Escolhas Program, among others).

Has also, over the years, collaborated with various cultural, artistic and social structures (such as animator, trainer, actor, producer, author, director) in Portugal, Spain, Poland, France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Wales, Croatia, Greece, Cape Verde.

As an author, he has developed texts for film and theatre for projects with various artistic entities. In this context, he received development grants “Pepiniéres Pour Jeunes Artistes” (France), “Criar Lusofonia, National Culture Center / IPLB” (Cape Verde), “Dramaturgy Laboratory / Teatro Meridional” (Portugal).

He has been leaning over, especially, about social intervention in the public space through art, geopolitics and historical and emotional memory, in an interaction of several fields, such as performance / theatre, creative writing, video, site specific / human installation.

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Hugo Miguel Coelho
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