Fernando Vendrell

Studied in Film School, and worked in Film Production for almost 25 years in Portugal. An eclectic profile that balances artistic skills, creativity, intuition and an charismatic personal sensitivity. The management of the enterprise David & Golias is based in the power of the original ideas, and in the capacity of producing with new and different methods, with creative talent and crafty technical crews. David & Golias focus, is to achieve a greater communication power, being respectful to the inner project qualities, such as creativity and innovation. In each production we try to give to a broader audience a new emotional understanding of the human experience, and a new sense of the world that we live in. We hope to establish strong partnerships, for co-production and distribution of our films, in related film markets such as Brazil and portuguese language African Countries, but also in foreign stronger markets such as European and US.

Specialties: Creativity, sensivity, inovation, overall sector knowledge, sense of opportunity, production skills, elasticity in choices, ability of maximizing results and a long term strategy with a step by step evolution.

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Fernando Vendrell
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