Marta Fandiño Perez

Born in Vigo in 1999. I started my studies in classical dance at the age of 4. In 2018, I moved
to Madrid, where I graduated in the Professional Plan at Carmen Senra studios.
Where I present my first creation, Con Título I. Where I worked from the wear and tear of the
skin and the direct response of the public. Presented in 2019 at the Centro Cultural Eduardo
Úrculo, Madrid.
Continuing my training at the Conservatorio Profesional de Danza Mariemma, specialising in
contemporary dance.
Moving to Lisbon to expand my studies on the body working with CEM (Centro em
movimento). Going through their annual training plan, O Risco da dança, A FIA (Formação
Intensiva Acompanhada) and A Demora. Presenting my project Las Traviesas at the
Pedras’22 festival and being supported by the CNC (Centro Nacional de Cultura) in Lisbon.
Working as a painting model at the University of Lisbon.
In between participating in video clips, workshops, volunteering and a million other things in
search of dance. Meeting wonderful people who accompany you along the way.
I still don’t know what exactly dance is for me, but I know when it appears.
I don’t know its form, but I know its smell.

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Marta Fandiño Perez
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