“Coveiros”, with text by Jacinto Lucas Pires, on stage at Escola do Largo

thursday 13 – sunday 16 january
at 7 pm, at Escola do Largo (Largo do Chiado 15)

Two men dig and talk. Different people appear — from where exactly? From the world we imagine to exist outside the cemetery? From the images that the conversation of the Gravediggers evokes? — bringing different perspectives, experiences, languages. Little by little, we are realizing that they come from different times. Are they ghosts? Ghosts of flesh and blood? Death, it is known, is the great leveller. Could it also reveal what is unique, special, in each one?

Staging | Marcos Barbosa
Text | Jacinto Lucas Pires, from “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare, translated by Gualter Cunha (edited by Relógio D’Água)
Scenography and Costumes | Sara Beloved
Light Design | David Caetano
Interpretation | Raquel Silva, Joana Pialgata, Pedro Moldão, Pedro Fontes and Marcos Barbosa
Production | International Center for Dramaturgy; Brave Kingdom – Escola do Largo
Executive Production | Hannah Soenens
Co-production | Cinema Theater of Torres Vedras & Gambozinos and Peobardos
Supports | Guarantor Culture, Brotéria, Municipality of Guarda, Municipal Theater of Guarda, ACD Vela, Junta de Freguesia da Vela

Age rating | M/14
Expected duration | 70 minutes

Public: €7.5
Show professionals: €5
Young (up to 25 years old): €5
Senior (+65 years): €5
Reduced Mobility: €5
(payment on entry in cash or by MBWay)
Reservations: producao@escoladolargo.com

ATTENTION It is mandatory to present a digital certificate or negative test (we also accept self tests done at the time).

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